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Boys vs. Girls

I found this on ctf. we start at 500. Girls take away 2; boys add 2. let's see what happens.   500

Started by Bladebearer

85684 Jun 2
Reply by Błŭę Ťĥûnđeřřę

Would You Rather...

Welcome, to "Would You Rather"! This game is similar to This or That, but is more detailed... Here's an example of how it goes.   ToeFace:…

Started by 117

949 Aug 20, 2021
Reply by Błŭę Ťĥûnđeřřę

Corrupt a wish

i you have not played this game before the rule's are easy just corrupt the person before you                                              …

Started by Impy

1196 Mar 17, 2021
Reply by Dit See

Who Are You?

One of yours, TTUG.   So, here's how it works.  I make a statement about myself and then ask "Who are you?"  Then you make a statement abou…

Started by The Dark Lord

1117 Jan 25, 2021
Reply by Dit See

5 letters

Easy game...I've picked five letters, and wrote them down below. The next person has to make a sentence using just the five letters. Examp…

Started by Brook Pittman

400 Jan 14, 2021
Reply by Dit See

Banning game

To play, each person must "ban" the person who wrote the previous post, usually for something ridiculous and unrelated reasons.    For exam…

Started by Brook Pittman

3417 Dec 7, 2020
Reply by Dit See

Four letter word

Try and change one letter of a word to make a new word Example: 1: Foot  2:Fool  3:Pool   Just change any 1 letter in the word to make anot…

Started by Brook Pittman

1309 Sep 19, 2020
Reply by SonicFan


Here is a forum game about trading. You play like this.   TTUG: I have pizza.   Cypher: I trade a lit stick of TNT for the pizza.          …

Started by Cypher

433 Sep 19, 2020
Reply by SonicFan

WWYDI (What would you do If)

WWYDI- What would you do if Example:   Aviad: WWYDI Facebook closed down?   MooMootheCow: Use my time for useful things.                  …

Started by Aviad

1459 Sep 19, 2020
Reply by SonicFan

yum or yuck?

so someone says a food. the next person answers, saying, "yum" if they like that food, or "yuck" if they don't. here is an example: person…

Started by rachelcvl

1104 Sep 19, 2020
Reply by SonicFan


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