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Name Mixer

Mix your username with the person above you.

Started by Bladebearer

261 Aug 6, 2020
Reply by Dit See

Rhymers's a little somethin' for all you rhymers out there. The rules: 1) I'll start by typing in a word 2) You'll try to come up w/…

Started by daniel

105 Jul 31, 2020
Reply by SonicFan


Heya iz were u mussst mispell al woyds, any1 hoo falls 2 du soe, losses n evry1 iz forsed 2 boooooo u   (Abbreviation sare valid: I.e. 2 da…

Started by Lexi

277 Jul 29, 2020
Reply by Dit See

I doth love the warm circles of heavenly gooey stuff that are called cookies!!!

ok, heres where you exaggerate the other person's sentences!!! example: joshua113: i love cookies. billy21: i doth love the warm circles of…

Started by daniel

21 Jul 29, 2020
Reply by Sabrina

Spoiler Alert!

Make as many not-obvious spoilers as possible. The titanic sunk.

Started by SonicFan

581 Jul 26, 2020
Reply by SonicFan

Steal the cookie

Oh yeah! It's back. Think of interesting ways to steal the cookie from one another No Killing!!! Or anything gory and horrible...use norma…

Started by Lexi

2710 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Dit See

True or False

In this game someone will make a statment. The next person to see it will say if it is true or false then he/she will leave another statmen…

Started by Math ew!

387 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Dit See

What are they doing

Simply say what the person who posted before you did before the posted Ex. Mista Stickabee: Lexi got back from analyzing the leg of a sheep…

Started by Lexi

262 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Dit See

Disassociation Game

In 'dis game, you have to post a word that is completely dissociated with the last word posted. For examples; Bird Clock Toothbrush Garbage…

Started by Kayash

113 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Cypher

Ctrl V

Simple game, just hit ctrl + v to paste whatever you last copied.     I'll start: *Control V!!!* Flying through Endor, On a pair of speed…

Started by TTUG

491 Jul 25, 2020
Reply by Cypher


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