You say three things about yourself and people guess which is the lie. Example: I like Cheese, I play with whisks, I love sharks.  Then the next person would guess the lie. Which in this example would be I love sharks.

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I'm extremely hawt. I'm 6 foot. I'm currently lying.
OMG! r u rly 6 ft? XP

I think your not hot.


I own a game cube with five games on it, I led my family through a three mile long trail when my dad thought we were lost, and I have a friend that says she's allergic to facebook.

Your really right. 

The trail


I am eating crackers, I am drinking tea, The tea I want to drink right now is english breakfast tea

I don't think you want English Breakfast... because Earl Grey is way better.


I'm wearing all green right now, listening to Marry Me, and I have my hair down.

Er er er aren't listening it Marry Me?


I am avoiding school right now, my radio is broken (), and we have two foot snow drifts.

Nope, but I had my hair up.


I dun think your radio is broken...?


I'm am listening to Dinosaurs Go Rawr, Blue is currently my favorite color, and I'm chewing bubblegum.

chewing bubblegum.


I'm cold. I'm wearing overalls. I've got my own horse.



I'm not at my house, my hot chocolatte is all gone, I'm listening to some go "bbbwwwaaaa"

it was actually the horse.

You still have hot chocolate, silly. =P


I'm wearing a silly band in the shape of an angel, I had two cups of coffee at church today, and I had two pieces of banana cream pie.

your not wearing a silly band


um...i hate the candy mik and ikes.  i love pop tarts. and artifical cherry flavored things give me a migrain


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