You say three things about yourself and people guess which is the lie. Example: I like Cheese, I play with whisks, I love sharks.  Then the next person would guess the lie. Which in this example would be I love sharks.

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K now guess the one in mine!

u have a cat

I've been to Egypt,Arizona,and/or Hawaii

The Egypt thing.

I am happy.

I am wearing a pink shirt.

I am sitting on a couch.

Wearing a pink shirt?

I have a hat on, I love soccer, and I am eating a cheeseburger.

to be honest, i dont' remember. i think it was the happy thing....

btw (Bladeberer) the lie was arizona

seriously!?!?! you've been to egypt?

have a hat on

i like cheese, penguins, and action movies

Correct answer was eating a cheeseburger

You like cheese

I own contacts a wig and a Merida costume.

the contacts?

I am teaching tomorrow.

We will be taking notes on Geometric sequences.

Benchmark tests are this week.


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