You say three things about yourself and people guess which is the lie. Example: I like Cheese, I play with whisks, I love sharks.  Then the next person would guess the lie. Which in this example would be I love sharks.

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I don't like most classical music, I am a tree hugger, I love whisks and spoons

You ain't a tree hugger (I think)


I like cheese, I like pickles, and I like green peppers.

Right. Green peppers?


I am a man, I like cars, I want a puppy

You are not a man.


My favorite show is Hannah Montanna, my favorite color is green, I like my toothbrush.


You don't really like Hannah Montana...  And you were right, Brook.


Dogs are fun, cats are not, guinea pigs are ugly.

I think you like guinea pigs.


I ate a bagel for lunch, I like the smell of bleach, and I'm listening to Les Miserables.

You like the smell of bleach.


I went into the woods earlier, I got a B on my math quiz, I eated cheese earlier



Ddeeerrr, woods?  And your right, I love the little buggers. 


I like salad, dogs are my favorite animals, and I am never on the computer for more then a half an hour at a time.

Buggers??? You are never on the computer for more than a half hour at a time.


I like the NUMBER 4, I like the number 5, i like the number 6

NUMBER four.  And no, I'm not, that's right.


I like 2, 5, and 7

Good you were right, I hate the number 4.



Seven actually, five is lucky.  maybe...


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