You say three things about yourself and people guess which is the lie. Example: I like Cheese, I play with whisks, I love sharks.  Then the next person would guess the lie. Which in this example would be I love sharks.

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my brothers favorite color is purple, my cousin is is younger than me, and i hate squirtible cheese

Your brothers favorite color is purple.


I read the news paper every tuesday , I have a cat who has had kittens, I am sewing a dress.

uuhhh you don't read te paper every tuesday


and actully my brothers favorite color is purple

Oh whatever, your right.
so tomorrow is sunday, i can speak fluent chinese, and i think fire is strangly fasinating

actually when i typed that tomorrow was sunday


and i don't think you have eaten worms

thats kinda gross
thats...not weird
i'm eating popcorn, i've run a marathon, and i've eaten a worm

uuuuh you haevn't eaten a worm?


i am terrified of rollercoasters, i am eating cereal, and i have eaten mud

i have eaten a worm, i haven't run a marathon, um, you don't like rollercoasters?

man you are good...and that is kinda weird that u have eaten a worm


ummmmm i pulled a mucle, when i broke my arm i got an orange cast, and my favorite color is orange


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