You say three things about yourself and people guess which is the lie. Example: I like Cheese, I play with whisks, I love sharks.  Then the next person would guess the lie. Which in this example would be I love sharks.

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im guessing the last one....
and i'm a guy, it's NOT weird i ate a  worm, i did it when i was like 8 to freak a girl out

the middle one

and ice princess, my favortie color is orange...the middle one was the lie b/c i have never broken my arm before..i have fractured it

i've been shot, i can't hear out of my right ear, and my favorite tv show is psych

uuh you cna hear out of your right ear?????????


ok...i play paint ball all the time in my back yard, when i was younger i used to always check under my bed before going to sleep, and i never believed in santa claus b/c my parents never told me

I'm guessing you DID believe in Santa Claus?


I sleep with a nightlight, I'm not scared of snakes, and I drink black coffee.

uh let me don't drink black coffee


i have been knee boarding, i have soccer practice tomorrow, and i have been to japan

Nope, I drink coffee.



i have a bleeding cut on my face. i graduate this spring. i'm sleepy.

I graduate this spring

I am a good singer    I like football     I am a good dancer

I am a good singer

I have a Dog, A cat and 8 computers!

wrong its I like football


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