Okay folks, we've just crossed it. The Codebearers 2 year milestone. On Dec. 22nd, 2010 Chris Miller made the new Codebearers.com for all to share. I remembered this at about 11:00 last night and it brought back gads of memories. I thought it a good idea to start a thread about it (seeing as I haven't made a thread in like, a year) and share favorite memories and thank yous with fellow members. I would like to thank Chris and Allan for such an awesome trilogy and site. And for all the members and Mods that make the site the way it is.

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I remember being in ga when this site went online. Jus10 emailed me the good news. Thanks to the bros for the awesome.. site and to all the wonderful members.

Indeed. I think Mike was pretty much the first member on the new site, and you weren't far behind. I joined on the 4th and got EoE shortly thereafter. Good times.

Very good times. I was freaking out (with joy) when the site finally came up.

I was mad and glad when the site cam back. I was So hoping to be one of the first people to get on but sense I was away from my of I wasn't able to. but anyway I'm glad to have the new site.

I remember eagerly waiting for the new site to be launched, and I can't believe I've been a part of this forum for so long. O_O I feel old.  Anyway, thank you to the Miller Brothers and all the Mods!

I only have two faint memories of the old site.
The first was being disappointed because the site was being updated.
The second was being shocked that it was STILL being updated. :P

Anyways, this place and the people rock! Very happy to be here. :D
The only thing I remember about the old sight is watching my older brother use it.

I remember anoying Blade with a bunch of questions, making threads about Newsboys and guitars, anticipating with Zeeb about the new TobyMac CD and trying to do those insanely difficult challenges. 

Ah yes
You Did d lo that to me...

I thought Cypher was your brothers' real name. Oh, I can be ditzy some times.

He has many names.

Hey you





So many names

So little time

I got some for you!


sleep head

A pain!!


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