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Honestly, that's not that a bad thing. Pushing it back can mean that they are working on making the story better.

Yeah, and at least we don't have to wait til 2027, 2017 is much better.

does anyone here besides me watch AMC Movie Talk?

AMC Movie Talk is a movie show that discuss movies and movie news daily on the AMC Theaters YouTube page. the following is from the about section on their channel and the video is of today's show.

Subscribe and watch our daily AMC Movie Talk show where you can find out about all the latest movie news. We also post exclusive clips and interviews with actors, directors, writers and more! We also run quite a few theatres across the country. Welcome!

AMC MOVIE TALK LIVE - Monday - Friday, 11AM PST - 2PM EST

AMC MAIL BAG - Saturday & Sunday - Uploaded 12PM PST

AMC COMING SOON - Monday - Uploaded 5PM PST

AMC VERSUS - Tuesday - Uploaded 5PM PST

AMC SPOILERS - Bi-Weekly - Saturdays

just add three hours

AMC MOVIE TALK LIVE - Monday - Friday, 2PM EST

AMC MAIL BAG - Saturday & Sunday - Uploaded 3PM EST

AMC COMING SOON - Monday - Uploaded 8PM EST

AMC VERSUS - Tuesday - Uploaded 8PM EST

AMC SPOILERS - Bi-Weekly - Saturdays

Sorry guys for not being on. My bad..been super busy. 

I watched Guardians Of the Galaxy finally!! It was pretty good! It had allot of special FX that were really impressive. Plus, loved the music! :D


Yea! it is! Especially Gandalf and Galadriel...AHHH I wonder whats going on! xD

I haven't been super excited for any of the movies coming out besides The Judge and some other dramas

I'll end up seeing TH:BFA on blu-ray tbh.

to be honest


Go ahead and make a new movies page if you want. I had hoped that while I was away at school and living life...(off the computer) that you guys would post updated photos if you found them. & the latest movie news. Then it's not up to only one person, we all could share. And I could keep the thread open. But if you are already on the computer 24/7  then you may as well start a new one!:) If you start a new thread just post the link to this page and anyone who has followed my page can follow your "New and improved" page. :) Sound good?


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