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I wonder who the lead actress will be to take Kristin's place??

I cannot freaking wait for Guardians of the Galaxy 2! this is the third phase three movie that has been announced.

and I'll hold any possible excitement for a TMNT 2 till I see the movie on Blu-Ray

I have the choice of Guardians of the Galaxy or TMNT tonight. But i think GOTG is pretty much my answer ;)

I heard about it yesterday. I didn't really watch anything of his other than Aladdin 

as who?

holy crap

yea they finished. so I have Divergent the movie sitting next to my TV. it's time to see how close it is to the book. of course I'll watch it as a movie before judging it.

Paul Rudd as Scott Lang for Marvel's Ant Man

he's Ant Man lol

I haven't seen "When the Game Stands Tall" yet but I soooo want to.

2027!!! Really? I have to wait that long!!!


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