Same concept as the old Forum, we just chat:)

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Wicked cool!  The site's up!  WOOT!  Hey all, Mike here.  Still getting the hang of this here new site.  Hi there Lexi!
Is there still the same rules?  Like no double posting....
I think so, the Millers haven't assgned moderators yet, so knock uself out..,.hi
That would hurt...:P  You sure are starting up the forums, ain't cha?
Millers asked me to help during the chat today.

Aha!  So that's how you knew.  maybe i should start going to those things again... 


Gosh, i can't believe how much I've missed doing this.

YES! that a little abruptly huh...
What else is this thread for, huh? XD
Good point...
I always make good points. Except when they're bad...
Wow...i never realised how much we had in too
It's amazing how that works, ain't it?


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