If you got em, talk about them here! 


I myself have a Golden Retriever by the name of Gracie, a wired hair...thingy named Mae, and a pussy cat that goes by Spot, and if you can guess why, I'll be amazed.

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i got a bird a dog and a evil cat and a noot so evil cat ^_^
Haha all our cats are just plain wierd xD
Ours is just plain stuck up.

I don't like cats.


"Cats look down to man, dogs look up to man, but rats? We look eye to eye."

Hehe, I liked that movie.  I ain't much of a cat person neither.  They just get on my nerves.  But dogs, they be very nice.
Spot gets on your nerves? How about you getting on his?
Fine, the feeling is mutual.  He gets on my nerves, therefore I get on his.
*gasp* Evil people!  lol JK I prefer cats to dogs, but horses to cats <3

I used to be a dog person... until I got a cat.

I used to be a pet person, until I actually had to take care of one...
Ha.  We share the work for three pets between the five of us, so it'd not to bad here.

Cats are pretty low maintenance... I take care of my cat for the most part, but my mom takes care of the whole litter box thing. I'd do it if I had to, but I don't, sooo...


And my dog stays outside, so as long as she doesn't get out of the yard, she's pretty easy to take care of as well.


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