It's time. I can't let this go on any longer. We must battle it to the end. Now. Anyone can post.

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Okay, but is there actually anyone on this site who's for it? It doesn't seem like a fair topic to debate.

Zhadow and Riley are for it


I was a little confused there for a second, thought you guys meant who was for the debate.

Is it just me, or does it feel like we've all debated this several times, with no positive outcome? I mean, we ALL know where EVERYONE stands on the matter, so we obviously know what's going to end up happening. 

What did I do? And since when is arguing forcing your thinking on others anyway?

Well you know what Seth? I'm not grown up.

....Ha! The girl have a point, Seth. But unfortunently, Star, most of us are expected to act maturely. 

Starlight, I understand that you feel passionate about this. I do as well. But you can only debate it so many times. 

I'm sorry but this is something I can't leave alone. I have to do this.

What do you hope to accomplish? Because I can about gurantee that all you will accomplish is angering some very loved members of our community.

Well ringwraith, I'm angry. Billions of babies are being murdered. I can't stop. I can speak for those who have no voice and your not going to stop me.

She's right, Star.

If you want to raise awareness, I might know a nice place for you to start. 


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