Hey all!  Destroyer here!

  I "BORROWED" Cypher's account to let you guys know that over Thanksgiving while I was posting on all you wonderful peoples pages and my account got disabled. Bladebearer didn't do it and she can't fix it. I have submitted error reports but I haven't gotten a reply so I will be on Cypher's account a lot. If you guys have any ideas to try and fix this let me know. I'm going to keep try to talk to the Miller brothers for help.

Anyway, have fun but be careful cause some one is ALWAYS watching

~The Destroyer Of Worlds~

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Ahhh!!!!! All our accounts are gonna be disabled!!!! Ah!

Naw, I think you guys are fine. We think it was cause I posted 500-something times in 1 hour so the site thought I was a spammer and disabled my account. I don't know why it thought that. *innocent smile*

But any help you guys can give me will be very much appreciated.

You could start a new account

I could, but I really don't want to. This account is special I don't want to lose it.

(Or I have tried to and Blade says "No, not till we know you can't use your first one ever again")

Hm. Have you tried hacking the system?

*nervous laugh* Of course I didn't do that... I would NEVER do that...*continues to laugh nervously*

Oh, good. Cause I already did.



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