Adventures and rambling thoughts of an easily destracted mind....ooh, a cookie!

I wanted to make this thread before the large influx of new members took the name.



*crickets chirp*



Oka-a-a-a-a-ay....I'm working on some stories that parallel my thoughts on various topics or just ramblings in general that I hope will provide amusement for those who read them. Will hope to have one up next week at the latest.


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you've all heard of ADHD or ADD but have you heard of ADOS? attention dephisate- oooh, shiny. hehe

yeah heard of it.  g'night all. Have three stories brewing.

1. Green Lantern type comic advenutre minus the actual comic part

2. A Crime story

3. Finishing that story from the old site with blade.

i have a story that i'm working on. very loosely based on hunter brown.
Had a fourth, was a little more complete in my head thoughts. So it's on page two now.
Not quite sure what the Green Lantern is, think you'd write a good crime story and I really liked the one you were doing with Blade, even if it was a bit crazy

Thanks, ithink. lol

Blade and I have seen how crazy our ideas went and are trying to redo. Our new college schedules are kinda full, and we're trying to keep up with Codebearers but it's hard. (At leastr for me, Blade goes WHOOSH!)

ooh, you go to the same colledge? or are like bros and sis's? or just friends?

yes and no and iffy and  ""


I'll hopefully have a post tomorrow...if the internet comes on that is.

yes, TTUG's my brother.

really? so you, TTUG, and Cypher are all siblings?


is your avvy of you?


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