Move arguments here. I promise not to delete other peoples opinions that I disagree with.

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I only deleted the disagreement because it was off topic and clogging up the feed. There's no reason for you to create a hate discussion. Yes, that's what it basically is even if you don't mean it to be.

It is not a hate discussion. I've be meaning to make this for a long time.

I know why you deleted the comments. Its perfectly fine with me. I just want to move.things here so we don't clogs up.your group
Not at all the same. I made this because we are fighting anyway. So we'll do it here so that we don't clog up other pages

Arguments. I hear the word 'argue'. The word 'argue' can be also thought of as the word 'fight'. 'Fight' implies 'fighting' which ultimately can be thought of as hate. Whether you would care to admit it or not, this is essentially a hate thread.

Its still not a hate thread. I'm sorry it seems like it to you, but its not.
Let's try to use this as little as possible, OK?

What even...

Has it seriously come to this for you guys?  You all fight so much it requires a separate thread for you guys to beat on each other?  For crying out loud, ya'll are brothers and sisters in Christ!

It makes my sad too. But the arguing wouldn't stop anyway, so I made this so that it wouldn't cloud up other threads.

I personally think that this discussion needs to be deleted. There's no reason to have it in the first place.

Now that I step back and calmed down, I think you might be right. Can we have a vote? All for deleting it say aye. And all opposed say nay


Nay.seriously people.we fight anyway and everyone gets irritated because it's filling up the thread so why not move it to a different thread?no one listens when you say stop so move it to a new thread! I do however think you should have put this on debate club, and maybe given it a more non-mod-attracting name.


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