Move arguments here. I promise not to delete other peoples opinions that I disagree with.

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No prob!

I like to use it urls that give away what the picture is. Like, your pics took me completely by surprise because I couldnt read the url. Theyre like, ninja urls....


Okay, so let's talk about bullying. What really counts as bullying or not? Stuff like that.

I'd say if you are purposely doing something to tease, torment, or hurt someone, for your own pleasure, then it is bullying.

I'd say what Zshadow, I like cake, Ariel and Ringwraith all do to each other. Just your standard repeated aggravation and negative attacks.

But that's none of my business. (Heyyy, you got meme'd on, blade!)

Hey, Old Soul's back!! 

Lol hold on. We dont bully each other. Most of the time when arguments pop up, its just that; an argument.

I'm actually(sadly) always here I just don't post too much, trying to stick around until this site either goes cold or is shut down.

Not to be THAT over-reacting parent or anything, but even if the four of you were all like "Hey man its not bullying" it'd still count as bullying, sadly. It's like an unwanted aggressive behavior, go out of your way to harass/tease somebody, a constant belittling/disagreement with their lifestyle, opinions, etc, with no thought to it or reason.

Which, yanno, sucks. You guys just have to be a little more friendly to each other.

I agree with your bullying statement. Ariel and I have already mentioned this to them but it never seemed like it sunk in or whatever.

The sites not gonna go down. *puts hands on hips and rolls eyes*

BUT. As my dad always says, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I have put up an emergency codebearers website incase this one ever went down. Its called if you ever wanna check it out. But dont register for an acount, because its only for emergency.

old soul, if you are going to talk about, please at least learn how to spell my name correctly.


Is that how you pronounce your name? 


Hey great job on picking out the most tiny useless detail of the conversation! We all make mistakes and nobody is perfect.


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