To play, each person must "ban" the person who wrote the previous post, usually for something ridiculous and unrelated reasons.    For example:

2- Person 1 is banned for having too many animated B's in her signature.
3- Person 2 is banned for discriminating unfairly against dancing smileys.
4- Person 3 is banned for pretending to care about smileys rights

Get it? 


(Note: None of the insults in this game are to be taken seriously)

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I ban you both for liking cheese!!


I'm tired.

I ban you for banning me for liking cheese!  And because your tired.


I like this game.  Please don't ban me for it!

I ban you for asking me not to ban you after banning me, banner.


I Like this game to! t's pretty fun

I ban you for banning me after I asked you not to ban my sister!  Oh, and because you mangled that poor sentence so much.

Who's your sister?

I ban you for not explaining and banning me for banning you all the time, I am also banning you for not having a hamster.

Ooo, that's a low blow.  Oh, and that was my mistake.  I should have said my sister's cousin twice removed on our mother's side.


I ban you for banning me for not having a hamster!  And for losing poor Phillip!


I ban you for saying I lost Phillip becuase my friend lost him and I ban he rfor losing my whisk I also ban you for talking about your twice remove cousin

Oh!  I ban you for trying to ban me for talking about my twice removed cousin!
I ban you for banning me about cheese doodles and cheese balls and cheese stuff thats cheezy! Your banned!
I ban you for bringing up that subject of cheeze balls!  It is utterly DESPICABLE!
I ban you for saying cheez ballz that is my word and i ban you for banning bananananas
I ban you for mentioning the sacred Banananananas of the minions!


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