To play, each person must "ban" the person who wrote the previous post, usually for something ridiculous and unrelated reasons.    For example:

2- Person 1 is banned for having too many animated B's in her signature.
3- Person 2 is banned for discriminating unfairly against dancing smileys.
4- Person 3 is banned for pretending to care about smileys rights

Get it? 


(Note: None of the insults in this game are to be taken seriously)

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i ban you because nani kore how long have you guys kept up this game

I ban you because I don't really know!

I ban you for not looking upwards to realize that this game started in 2011.

I ban you because I was referring to this site being dead LOL

I ban you for calling the site dead! I mean, not necessarily because that's inaccurate, but mostly because I can.

I ban you for only being mostly accurate

I ban you for pointing our my accuracy.

I ban you because just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right

I ban you because that's exactly what it means.

I ban you for being accurate :)

I ban both of you because rip you didnt get the reference TT

I ban you for making a reference we don't get.


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