To play, each person must "ban" the person who wrote the previous post, usually for something ridiculous and unrelated reasons.    For example:

2- Person 1 is banned for having too many animated B's in her signature.
3- Person 2 is banned for discriminating unfairly against dancing smileys.
4- Person 3 is banned for pretending to care about smileys rights

Get it? 


(Note: None of the insults in this game are to be taken seriously)

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I ban you for not watching anime :P

I ban you because 'girls, girls, you're both pretty. (Can I go home now?)'.

I ban you because I appreciated that Megamind reference.

I ban you because ISN'T IT SUCH A GREAT MOVIE?

I ban you for watching Dreamworks.

I ban you because How to Train Your Dragon!

I ban you because omg fellow httyd fan !!! :DD

I ban you because seriously :) what isn't to love about dragons? (bar the occasional ragemonster:)

I ban you because I finally have the time to ban someone XD

I ban you for making time to ban someone.

I ban you for banning Sabrina, because I'm so glad she finally found time :)

I ban you for banning me. No real reason in particular, I'm just petty.


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