Do you think there will be a book 4?

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I think the Millers said that the Hunter Brown series ends with the Eye of Ends.


I'm moving this to Theories and Speculations as it involves the books.

you never know.
Well, their Blog said that they were working on somthink else.

Yeah... Since it was the Codebearers Trilogy, I tend to think it ends at book three.


Plus the Miller bros are gonna make that new series...

Yeah, something about blue...
What were those robot mice again?
Robot mice? What robot mice?
The Millers are doing something with robot mice...or mice in robot suits...
Oookay... is it in any way related to the Codebearers series? Or just a totally different project?
Totally different I'm pretty sure.  They were talking about it at the book release event.

Oo, Laaaaame.

So... are they still going to do the new Codebearers series?


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