Okay, so we all know Christmas is coming REALLY soon. So please, for the sake of all things vaguely Christmassy...Discuss!

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No, I won't! ;P
well fine then! *bursts into tears for the lack of Christmas in one so youngs heart* Please don't become a Scrooge yet:(
"One so youngs heart?"  What's that supposed to mean?
*wipes sweat off forehead* good...you had me worried there...what do you expect for Christmas? (Expect, not want)
Weel, I gonna get a nice pair o socks, some candy corn and egg nog, a couch table thingy to hold my laptop, and the rest is uncertain. How bout you?
i have no honest clue, W is broke this year, so I'm thing goodwill outlet giftcard.
Oh...does you like Goodwill?

It's better than going to...the mall *whispers*

You see, my mom is one of those who EXAMINES EVERY POSSIBLE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING AVAILABLE! Good will...not so much

And i thought my mom was bad...
Yup...My mom beats yours...HA!
In Your Humble Opinion! ;P
or not so humble...I personally thought it was a fact;P


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