Okay, so we all know Christmas is coming REALLY soon. So please, for the sake of all things vaguely Christmassy...Discuss!

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Again, in your humble opinion. :P No hard feelings.
....I'm going to be quiet...sometimes that's best...
Okay. Maybe we should have a five minute quiet time...Sh....

That was a little longer than 5 min...sorry:/


wait, in the new forums, does the comments go recent at the top or oldest at the top? its confusing!!! :-(
The oldest appear at the bottom and it resets for each page.  So yeah, this site has a few kinks.


keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas

Amen to that! Ya know, a lot of stores decided it would offend too many people to say "Merry Christmas" so they started saying Happy Holidays instead. Well, many Christians boycotted such stores, and just recently, we saw a headline that said that stores lost millions of dollars and are now putting "Christ" Back in "Christmas"

YAY!!! since like 80% of Americans are Christian or hold christian beliefs then such a boycott would be very effective.


iz christmas and i am happy ^_^
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! "Santa clause is coming, to town" XD


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