In another dimension, on Mei, evil stirs. In the shadow of Mt. Marbas, Belial seeks to destory the good in the world, but to do that he must first destory the Chronicles of Life. The Guardians of Truth have kept the world safe for many centuries.For years they have traveled to different dimensions looking for Chosen ones, using a special crystal that transports them. The Chosen ones would be trained and then would take their places as Guardians of Truth. Each Guardian has their own unique powers. Now Belial was once a Guardian of Truth. He studied the Chronicles of Life for years. One day he vanished. He reappeared weeks later on a dark stormy night with army. His army destoryed Glyndwr, city of wisdom. The Guardians of Truth fought back countless times but gained no victory. They now have residence at Morvan, home of the Chronicles of Life.  Here are the rules, your character can be human or elf, no other species. He or she can only have one or two weapons and powers.During the previous battles alot of the Guardians of Truth fell. Where there was eighteen Chosen ones and twenty-four Guardians of Truth, there is now eight Chosen ones and five Guardians of Truth.   When you post your profile include, name, age, gender, species, favorite weapons, home world, personality, bio, rank and power/ powers.

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Ooh, this sounds very exciting!  Can I join?
Sure. ;)
Yay!  I'll get my profile up as soon as possible
Can I make more then 1 character?
can i join, it sounds cool
Walter Folley yes you can join.  White Angel,  I don't really know how many people will want to join. I will let you know if you can make another character if there isn't enough characters already.
White Angel you can make other character. If anybody else would like to make another character let me know.
Lucid Atray
Age: 17
Gender male
Species: huma
favorite weapons: Phantom Spear and his trusty shatterbow
Hometown: Castel
Personality: changes all the time
bio: Use to live in Rasryn when something unknown drove him and his family into the heart of Castel, where he creates his own weapons that will never break or shatter. Then both his parents pass away in an accident and all thats left is himself and a small black cat that can talk named Jack.
rank:chosen one

Name: Warlic

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Favorite weapon: Destiny Sword

Hometown: Marleybone

Personality: bit on edge, understanding, and caring

Bio: Has lived in Marleybone all his life, his father was a warrior and queens guard, he has trained as a soldier all his life, but didn't like all the rules of a military life, so he became a mercinary. On his travles he found the destiny sword which is his till death, and can not be weilded by any other master.

Rank (not sure what this means???)

apperance:(ignore all the stuff at the top, and the name at the bottom

Walter Folley,  does he have any powers?


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