In another dimension, on Mei, evil stirs. In the shadow of Mt. Marbas, Belial seeks to destory the good in the world, but to do that he must first destory the Chronicles of Life. The Guardians of Truth have kept the world safe for many centuries.For years they have traveled to different dimensions looking for Chosen ones, using a special crystal that transports them. The Chosen ones would be trained and then would take their places as Guardians of Truth. Each Guardian has their own unique powers. Now Belial was once a Guardian of Truth. He studied the Chronicles of Life for years. One day he vanished. He reappeared weeks later on a dark stormy night with army. His army destoryed Glyndwr, city of wisdom. The Guardians of Truth fought back countless times but gained no victory. They now have residence at Morvan, home of the Chronicles of Life.  Here are the rules, your character can be human or elf, no other species. He or she can only have one or two weapons and powers.During the previous battles alot of the Guardians of Truth fell. Where there was eighteen Chosen ones and twenty-four Guardians of Truth, there is now eight Chosen ones and five Guardians of Truth.   When you post your profile include, name, age, gender, species, favorite weapons, home world, personality, bio, rank and power/ powers.

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She just forgot the n on human. And rank is just if your already a guardian or your a chosen one which is a soon to be guardian.

oh ok.

BladeAngel, does he have any powers?

oh, sorry, forgot about that one,


um... Warlic has the ability to weild light! make swords out of it, and use is as a weapon against his enemies, also, he can glow in the dark

What rank is Warlic?
Oh his power is Phantom Drive

Name: Lael
Age: About 25 in human years or 100 in elven years
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Fav Weapon(s): Two swords that can mesh together into
Power: Healer through either physical touch or emotional/spiritual through singing
Home World: Damek
Personality: Extremely protective, wants to help most of the time, can have difficulty trusting at first,
Rank: Guardian of Truth
Bio: She was found by the Guardians and trained ever since she was young to be one of the Guardians.  During her first few years of training, Belial turned on the Guardians.  He had been an idol for her, so this really tore her world apart.  Now, she still harbors strong  feelings of anger and hostility towards him.  Shortly after this time, she managed to rescue a small dragon, who on the spot bonded with her and now lives as her companion and little guard.  When the Guardians retreated to Morvan, she continues to train, with the ambition to end the tyranny of Belial. 




Dragon's appearance:

(like this but a silverish blue color)


hey blade angel, what does that mean?
his power, i don't know what phantom drive is
Oh thats easy when then enemy attacks Lucid,his power activates which means everything around the enemy freezes and two.....blurs or shadows.....slash the enemy in half. Second later everything is back to normal and the enemy continues its attack until it explodes

I made this power up myself :)
wow, nice


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