Please, please tell me I'm not one of the only ones on here who has read this series!

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I tried it. Never finished it. XP
It's a good series! My brother had read them and heard that they were making a movie, he told me I had to read them before it came out! I did and loved them. I thought the series was over....then she wrote a fourth one, it was a pleasant surprise!

Me too, I haven't read the book though.

I have seen the movie and read the first 3 books, never finished the series...What's the last one called?OHHHH, I should remember this... Something about a diamond?

I forgot too! :-P I've read it though, and thought it was really good.

I saw the movie! Kinda dark but a good film! Mom hated it! lol i need to read the books! 

I think that the books are better than the movie. don't get me wrong, the movie was great, but it had fewer details.


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