WOuldn't that be awesome? We Codebearers who live close by be interviewed on the chat? Comments

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And, *cough*, through web cam...
Yes *Cough cough* I agre-*HACK HACK* wow...*cough* The flu must be getting around*HAck!*
I know, it really seems like that don't it? I just had a slight itching in my throat, but it sounds like you are seriously sick. You should go to the hospital, just in case. :)
*passes put* Is taken in an ambulance* Yup...you were right...needed doctuh *Cough*
Dun worry!  I have a degree in...well, nothing really.  So, I guess you'd better worry.
Uh no! I may need someone else to docter me!?
That's not an option as no one else is on this thread. We'll have to preform surgery. Where's my SCALPEL!?
Right here doctor >:)
Thank you.  Oh, it appears our patient has died from the long wait...  Sorry bout that, Lexi.

That be cool. Over the phone might work too.


how about "interviews" with the codebearer characters? who wants to know what Hope sounds like? What Trista really thinks of Hunter? What Boojum's fav food is? what Venator would be if he wasn't an evil shadow person?

i got a webcam!
sweet. i don't. it would be fun to be on air.


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