Wow...I haven't made one of these in ages...

Speaking of that, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this site isn't used that much.  Though I'm REALLY glad it hasn't been deleted!  It's so fun to look back at all these different things we've done and people we've "met".  The stories told, the games played--it was great!

Now, I would like to hear your memories on Codebearers.  What are some things that still stick with you?

Also, I'm curious; what do you guys think happened to this site?  Why isn't it more active?  What do you guys think would revive it, if it can be revived?

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Sweeeeeet!   Looking forward to it!

Let's see...I'm probably going to forget some, but off the top of my head?  MLP, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pirates of the Caribbean (briefly; story kinda died), Scooby Doo (briefly), The Circle by Ted Dekker, aaaaand...OH!  Lord of the Rings (briefly)!  All of these, except for Pirates of the Caribbean and The Circle, have been in the same story.  It's on here, actually!  It's called Lalaland Stories!

(If you're ever gonna read it though, be advised; I was a lot younger when I started it, and so the writing is kiiinda bad )

My original story is about a girl named Amy who gets kidnapped and experimented on.  Fun topic, right? XD Scientists have found a strange, otherworldly book, and they were experimenting with it for the government.  However, after a while with no satisfactory results, the government shuts the project down.  After learning about that, one of the scientists goes rogue and decides to jump straight to human testing without the head scientist's permission.  Amy's in stasis for a long time, and when she wakes up, she's not quite the same.

That's all I can say without spoilers 

I think its dying because the generation (us) that read books like Hunter Brown is past and we are getting older and moving on. I' never on here because i'm always busy.

That makes sense.  And my life's gotten busier as well.  It's really cool though that this place is still here!  It's awesome to come back and journey down memory lane when we have some free time 

I am hoping the podcast will bring in some new fans (and old ones). It will be focus for an older audience.

That would be awesome! 


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