November 2020 edit: 
What the heck am I doing poking around here again....

January 2017 edit: 

I... miss these days?

November 2014 edit:

Man, this post is perfect.

Is anyone still around from the "Golden Age" of Codebearers?

Back when the RPGs were quality..

...and some of us were obsessed with them.

Back when Mike tried... and failed.. to train quality RPs?

When exclusive RPGs were all the rage...

...and when drama ran rampant among the "cool kids"?

When Bladebearer was everyone's big sister...

...and everyone made a big deal with every time Mike decided to leave... and come back. 

When we thought we tried to build quality relationships online...

When I almost got banned.

When Andy always got banned.


Remember that?

In a way, I'm sad I grew out of this site. 

Some of my best and worst memories of "tweenhood" happened here.

But now, I'm old. A lot of us are. We have "real" lives, and can no longer escape them like we used to.


It's bittersweet. 

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Tis a sad things how things have changed. However, for everything there is a season. Perhaps, the golden age will come back again.

In my experience, when a golden age supposedly returns, it doesn't feel quite the same as the original.
Usually feels more like a "silver age."

i like silver. :P

still, you're right.

When exactly was the golden age of Codebearers? And you almost got banned?

I wasn't in the golden age, but I remember my sister talking about the RPGs and story's that where on codebearers. That was one of the reasons I wanted to join, was to RPG with people. But now the golden age is gone. 

The Golden Age has come and gone

We may yearn for the days of long ago

But as every man and woman comes to know

Life is like a show, it must go on.

Some of us have acquired new skillz in recent years. That gives me an idea.

That was beautiful. 

As to you, no offense at all! 

Doesn't look like too many bladebearers are here to fight any shadows. And the older people from the first site, I literally only see Bladebearer / Karen lurking around. Everybody else kinda grew up, went out to school. Pretty sure Mike is in college, our little Canadian friends are buried under the snow of life and so forth. So I do doubt the next book coming out will change much, I'm unsure if it's out already but by the looks of the game that was also coming out, it isn't going to be here for a bit.

However, silence is golden. Perhaps the memories will be your golden age (=

.....Wow I never actually thought you guys cared about us Canadians. aw tanks :)

And I plan on being back. I was hoping to get back into Rpgs. I don't foresee my life getting too hectic this year. But there aren't many people... :/  Also, I disagree I have been checking up to see the books progress.

In my honest, one hundred percent true self defense.. the black of the background on the site got to me! That's why I got banned...2....3....4... times...?

Real lives suck by the way, having a job and going to work every day, school and responsibilities, totally not what I thought life would be like as a kid. 

Pretty weird coming back and not seeing anything moving very well! Entertainment, roleplays, forum games are the only thing that seem to still have one or two people posting on them. I don't even see a trace of the miller brothers anymore, and only Bladebearer. (Teewhy big sistah)

It appears we are graced by the infamous redwallboy. We may be entering a new age. One of our founding members has returned.

Welcome back.

"Life gets harder when you get past 18." -The Statler Brothers

Tis Truth! Yes real life can suck, but that's all par for the course. We each have our roles to play in this great story and if we must leave Sanctuary to fulfill our duties then so be it. Of course, it never hurts to visit the old stomping grounds and revisit old memories. The Golden, Silver, and Bronze ages of the forum have departed. We now look forward to what comes next.


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