November 2020 edit: 
What the heck am I doing poking around here again....

January 2017 edit: 

I... miss these days?

November 2014 edit:

Man, this post is perfect.

Is anyone still around from the "Golden Age" of Codebearers?

Back when the RPGs were quality..

...and some of us were obsessed with them.

Back when Mike tried... and failed.. to train quality RPs?

When exclusive RPGs were all the rage...

...and when drama ran rampant among the "cool kids"?

When Bladebearer was everyone's big sister...

...and everyone made a big deal with every time Mike decided to leave... and come back. 

When we thought we tried to build quality relationships online...

When I almost got banned.

When Andy always got banned.


Remember that?

In a way, I'm sad I grew out of this site. 

Some of my best and worst memories of "tweenhood" happened here.

But now, I'm old. A lot of us are. We have "real" lives, and can no longer escape them like we used to.


It's bittersweet. 

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Haha, yeah, probably not. :P

You're too hard on yourself Andy! I always thought you were up there with the best rolepayers, right above Mike. XP

Aha. Your flattery amuses me, subject. You shall remain here to thrive off of my soon to be told legends.

Once I wrote a entire short story(Badly, mind you) and threw it at somebody, either Mike or Lexi, and said it was proper roleplay. 

You had very confused ranking systems.

I think I remember that. It wasn't bad as far as stories go, but I don't think I would've called it proper roleplay. ;P  If I'm remembering correctly.

So! Either of you guys have an idea for an RPG yet??

Don't mind me as I casually listen to your conversations...though I couldn't resist the urge to say something when the topic of RPing came up. Ah, those were the good days... *sighs* Alas, the quality of the role players has gone down...though I do suppose that is due to the fact that they are younger....

...Silver Pheonix... I recognize the name but I don't remember what name I most commonly know you as... Hmph. What were your past names?
That's true but if we can get some activity back on here, a good RPG going, and spread the word, we might get them back or new ppl here :)

Silvermoon and/or nghome, I believe. What about you?

I hung out around on the rpg and story threads.

That'd be great!

Oh! okay that helps :)

My only other name I've gone by was on the chats with the millerbros and a short period on the old website, it was Lyndseylo.

...You were on the two kingdoms rpg, right?

Yeah um. RPin isn't my bread and butter. Not only does it make me feel awkward reading/playing it, it just isn't something I enjoy nowadays. And for a fact, you ain't gonna get very many new people who are active for more than their first day here.

Thanks for helping me keep a positive attitude Andy!

That's too bad I was hoping I could put you on the list as a good rp-er possibility if I got an rpg going.

There is always the problem that I am not good at RPing. I recall being killed off for being bad at it.


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