November 2020 edit: 
What the heck am I doing poking around here again....

January 2017 edit: 

I... miss these days?

November 2014 edit:

Man, this post is perfect.

Is anyone still around from the "Golden Age" of Codebearers?

Back when the RPGs were quality..

...and some of us were obsessed with them.

Back when Mike tried... and failed.. to train quality RPs?

When exclusive RPGs were all the rage...

...and when drama ran rampant among the "cool kids"?

When Bladebearer was everyone's big sister...

...and everyone made a big deal with every time Mike decided to leave... and come back. 

When we thought we tried to build quality relationships online...

When I almost got banned.

When Andy always got banned.


Remember that?

In a way, I'm sad I grew out of this site. 

Some of my best and worst memories of "tweenhood" happened here.

But now, I'm old. A lot of us are. We have "real" lives, and can no longer escape them like we used to.


It's bittersweet. 

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Well hello there, you little tardis banner maker you.

That's 5 people I've seen to use this site in the past two months!

Destroyer of Worlds, Cypher, Blade, and who else?

Some person called Hope and another who titles themself as "Evelet" if I'm not mistaken!

My memory is failing me. I know not who these two are. I've been on Deviantart and Facebook more frequently than Codebearers. It's like you come here, see no one and cry for the old days and log off and wipe your stored data so not even the computer has to remember the pain and then bury the whole thing under a season of Doctor Who and a bag of Butterfingers.

The computer may not remember it, but you shall. It's quite sad to see such a lively, lovely community of great people gone to a trickle of droplets.

Ah but the interactions me had with each other made a lasting impression on us all that we shall keep as long as we live. I still use "Jelfed" in casual conversation at work.

You never know, maybe someday you'll say it to somebody and they'll reach in for a hug, instantly knowing where you've come from. 

Not to quote too many people... but we humans tend to...especially women.. (Shhh) remember every detail of things that mean a lot to us.

And hey, old buddy old pal, we've made the biggest discussion this site has seen in possibly four months!

True. This place is very still.

And it would be awesome if that happened, meeting a forumite irl witout knowing it.

You punks still haven't learned how to RP properly.

I would also like to note here, for all posterity, that I left and came back so many times because I was a friendless, attentioned craved, anti-social (which is different from introverted), and all around egotistic bugger. And I still hate you too, Tanwen, just putting that out there. 

Andy, though, hah!  I remember being the bestest of buddies. What profile number are you on now? Honestly I think all those times banning you were some of the funnest times I had here, so thanks, man. You always provided a healthy dose of outrage and hilarity. 

Hey, Mike!

Looks like nothing has changed after all!

I hate you too, Mike. 


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