November 2020 edit: 
What the heck am I doing poking around here again....

January 2017 edit: 

I... miss these days?

November 2014 edit:

Man, this post is perfect.

Is anyone still around from the "Golden Age" of Codebearers?

Back when the RPGs were quality..

...and some of us were obsessed with them.

Back when Mike tried... and failed.. to train quality RPs?

When exclusive RPGs were all the rage...

...and when drama ran rampant among the "cool kids"?

When Bladebearer was everyone's big sister...

...and everyone made a big deal with every time Mike decided to leave... and come back. 

When we thought we tried to build quality relationships online...

When I almost got banned.

When Andy always got banned.


Remember that?

In a way, I'm sad I grew out of this site. 

Some of my best and worst memories of "tweenhood" happened here.

But now, I'm old. A lot of us are. We have "real" lives, and can no longer escape them like we used to.


It's bittersweet. 

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Particularly when you first started. XP

I think she has me confused with some other RPer on this site.

I'm right here...


They'll see you.

This thread has made my day. Who could be lonely with so many enemies?! 

You're my enemy. And I shall defeat you in the field of battle.

I wait for no man! Draw your sword!

*Grabs the popcorn*

"We have "real" lives, and can no longer escape them like we used to." Is it bad that I can escape my 'real life' better than I did when I was active on this site?.... x)

*shows up in teacher uniform* What about me coming over here? I check on you guys while at work and see all this going on. Are we all behaving over here? *teacher stare*

Aw that's a shame it was just getting interesting. *grabs popcorn from Mickaelyoda*

*grabs popcorn from a random bystander* Hey Eden good to see you.

Blade it was just getting good!


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