Created by zac and nate

I can't believe no-1 has made a codebearers RPG yet!

But do not lose hope....... here it is!

Play as your favorite characters from the books as we explore solandria.

Create your character




Kind:codebearer,shadow, Xin(there will be only 3 Xin) or watcher.   NOTE:the shadow have an advantage over the codebearers.



Got it.....good


Veritas sword(codebearers only)  50

Veritas bow(codebearers only)  50

Gun 20

Fire whip 30

sword 10

crossbow 10

Sorry no map.....soon hopefully

So lets start

I will be Vogler

There are no pics of him online so i'll have to go with this.

Name: Vogler

Age: unknown



Personality:Dark,Silent,protecting character

Zhadows character

Name: Hunter Brown

Age: 16

Weapon: Veritas sword

Kind: Codebearer

Personality: Prankster

Picture: Zitellas character

name: Katherine Michals


weapon: Veritas Bow

kind: codebearers

personality: nice most of the time but on occasions she can be mean and sarcastic

picture: she wouldnt have head phones obviously


Satars character.

Name: Joshua Elwen

Age: 12

Weapon: Veritas bow Bow

Kind: Codebearer

Personality: Fun, Kind, Protective, Caring, Nice.


Evelets character

Name: Zie-raya

Age: 16

Weapon: Bow 

Kind: Codebearer/Shadow

Personality: mysterious, fun, not very open, sense of humour and is a great warrior for what ever side offers more. Cuz of her past she can get confused at times.


          SkyeSparrows character.

Name: Skye Wood


Weapon:Veritas Bow

Kind: Codebearer

Personality: Curious, sarcastic, outgoing, brave but can be reckless


Giovanni's character.

name: Rob

   Age: 14

   Weapon: Veritas sword

    kind: Codebearer

    bio: nice



Ramy Wahba's character.





Personality:TRUTHFUL,Strong Leadership,Persistant,Intelligent.


Nate's character.

name: conner

age: 19

weapon:twisted veritas sword, twisted veritas bow and a knowledge of plants and poisons

kind: XIN

personality: he is quiet and hates the shadow and the codebearers.

 Giovanni's other character.

name: John

age: 20

weapon:twisted veritas sword, twisted veritas bow

kind: XIN

personality: he is quiet and will help the shadow and the codebearers.

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Zie-raya gave a nervous glance at Hunter, than as soon as their eyes met she looked away in thought*

Rob looked at Peter when he got on the Thunderbird and Rob's eye's went to mete Zie-raya's eye's and Rob looked back to him Peter

lets just say Peter gets on the Thunderbird very annoyed because Hunter wouldn't let him stay. Sorry Ramy Wahba but this scene is getting drawn out too long

Once Peter and Rob were on the Thunderbird, Hunter told them to go.

Rob said "What are you doing Hunter" He asked

Vogler met them at their destination and said:'There is a large encampment of shadow 20 miles north follow me'.

Rob jumped off of the Thunderbird and pulled out his veritas sword and inighted his veritas sword 

Hunter watched Zie-raya closely. "I just me and you."

Rob said ''Well before it would have been just you if i did't jump off the Thunderbird." And i looked at Peter and said "Peter go get help" And i looked back at Zie-raya 

um... Vogler was talking to you and Peter

What Vogler is here  

he was where you to landed I think.

okay cool


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