You asked for got it!

The first ever official Codebearers "Author's Writ" T-Shirts is available for pre-order at Catch a sneak peek, pick your favorite color and let us know which size to order for you on the Miller Brothers' website or by simply >> CLICKING HERE . 

1. We're placing our order for shirts on June 1st.
2. We can order a variety of shirt colors with our first order. After that, we'll be limiting the selection of shirt colors to 1 or possibly 2 to cut down on inventory we need to carry on an ongoing basis.
3. This presents a LIMITED TIME opportunity for you. Sooooo...if you have a special color that we currently show on the website and you want to get it. NOW IS THE TIME! Pre-orders are guaranteed to get their favorite color.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Place your pre-order online before June 1st. 

Have an idea for another design? Let us know and we'll see what we can do. As soon as we get 12 pre-orders of a design we can order it on any color shirt for $19.99 + shipping.

Have fun picking your favorite color...

For the Way of Truth and Life!

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I really liked blue dusk;) I'm a big fan of blue. Otherwise I prefer the brown:) I'll have to start saving. Looks awesome guys!:D

Hmm. I want one. I will have to ask me parents, though. These rock. Great creativity, Miller Bros!

Have you started shipping these yet Chris?


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