I noticed some of you were having difficulty with the default order or comments. It used to be that the newest was shown at the top and the oldest post was at the bottom. I've switched this temporarily to see which of the two options you like best. Let me know if I should switch it back. Reply and let me know if you'd like to see OLDEST comments first or NEWEST comments first.

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For what it's worth, I like the comments with the NEWEST showing first...but I want you guys to make this site your own. So speak up if you have a preference.
Also, it's good to note that I can set the order of appearance of comments in the FORUMS, GROUPS, PAGES & BLOGS to be different order. For example: Groups can be set to have OLDEST comments first whereas your personal page comments can show NEWEST comments first and the FORUMS can show OLDEST first. It's up to you guys.

I'm kinda thinking your personal pages should show NEWEST comments first and the FORUMS/GROUPS should show OLDEST first. What do you think?
Community should definitely be the newest. Currently I have to go to "all comments" to see what people are saying to me, which is really really annoying. As for the forums, well I've gotten used to the way it was. However that was... I liked it the way it was on the old forums, with the comments going from oldest to newest from the top to the bottom. The groups are kinda a mix of both, ain't they? Cause they have a comment wall and discussions.
I like the Newset first best too. It makes it so we don't have to scroll all the way down to veiw posts
In the Forums I like it NEWEST first, and the same on our personal pages.
Yeah, I think newest works best.

The new layout on the Profiles really sucks. I'd kinda gotten used to the way it was on here like Mike LoL....

Okay - I've switched it back to showing the NEWEST comments first!
Thanky kindly, sir. XD
I sooooo have catching up to do.
Me as well.
maybe there could be a setting so the individual could choose to see oldest or newest first?


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