Hey guys. I know i'm not really on anymore, but one thing that I do know is that I really want the fourth book. The problem is, the Miller Brothers have decided to put the book aside and go to other things. They've left us hanging. This isn't to get you mad at the Bros., but to ask them to come back. If you're with me in wanting them to come back and us getting that book, please put your name below. You can also leave a short message for them if you want. Let's get the Bros. back!

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Jamal Solo



I think everyone here wants them to come back.


Amen, Blade



Come on, Codebearers, I know there's more of you!

If you haven't noticed, theres like 5 active people on this site:b

Okay so I saw this and at first I was like cool, but then I got to thinking. In the post on "The Game" Page he did not say the book was shelved. He said they were working on some individual projects as well as their collaboration on continuum. He said he hoped that from the time he had posted to the end of the year they hoped the storyline would be finished. He also said he hoped that the chance to work on the book would come. We don't know how far they have gotten but I would hope that if they had completely shelved the book they would have told us.

sorry for the rant but that is my outlook on this situation. And I do agree with ariel cahill that only a couple of handfuls of people actually post on this site anymore.

I'm basing this off of what someone told me on Coffee Break.

Unless it was directly from one or both of the miller brothers I wouldn't believe it. It was probably a rumor or someone's assumption.

Evelet's been busy lately.

Like BTW said, they've been working on individual projects. I think Chris had a honey business or something as well


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