Hey guys. I know i'm not really on anymore, but one thing that I do know is that I really want the fourth book. The problem is, the Miller Brothers have decided to put the book aside and go to other things. They've left us hanging. This isn't to get you mad at the Bros., but to ask them to come back. If you're with me in wanting them to come back and us getting that book, please put your name below. You can also leave a short message for them if you want. Let's get the Bros. back!

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But we've got to try. Yeah maybe there aren't that many of us left, but COME ON. They left us with a teaser, and now it's become just that. It's teasing us. I still love the codebearers series. We've got to at least try to show them that we want them back!

You wouldn't get too many people. And they wouldn't come back for 1-30 people. They have to make money to feed their families and have a life, and books wouldn't do that at the moment. 

I'm also not sure why this petition was even held on this website, as I do not think they monitor it. You'd have to do it on facebook or something. You might get them to pop in to say sorry and hello, but I highly doubt they'd be back forever.

Well you just crushed my hopes and dreams. :(

Your hopes and dreams shouldn't be crushed D: They WILL come back, but not until they get their groove on.

Not everybody who is stating their opinion or the truth is being negative... >_> As much as I'd love for them to come back, finish the book and talk to all of us again you can't be blindly optimistic and say they're coming back with rainbows. 

Sorry if it is seeming rude, negative or just plain flame. They're just not gonna be back until they're making a living, family is A-OK and they finish the storyline. 

It'd be like me rushing to make a movie, I don't have the funds, knowledge or a basic idea of what I'ma be filming :b

But we at least need to show them that we need them to at least say something. I mean seriously, how hard is it to get on a website and give us a quick update; at least something to show that they haven't forgotten/abandoned/ignored us or anything. SERIOUSLY

It'd be incredibly easy for them to do so. I don't know why they haven't already. Last I checked a dozen loyal fans waiting two years for even a bone or scrap is worth setting a day aside to go communicate with.

My guess is either insanely busy or nomad life/not using the internet.

Exactly. So if we can show them that at least SOME of us care, maybe they will.

You'd need to do that elsewhere. They don't check the site, so you need to try on another form of social media.

David Faith Menzel

Ringwraith both aproves AND signs this petition!!!

I would REALLY like to see the fourth book soon as well.



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