i you have not played this game before the rule's are easy just corrupt the person before you







                                     I wish i could have ticket's to go see red!

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I end up controlling TDOW's mind and sonic gets Bladeangles.

I wish for a tardis

(YEAH! lets make em say stupid things!)

you get a turdis!

i wish for an idea for stupid things to make em say!

you don't get one

I wish for a snake

you get one, but then it bites you and you die

I wish that I could make that techno-sounding noise with my voice

i glitches and all that comes out when you talk is "SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!"

I wish cypher was on.

You have a dicul nightmare.

i wish for more time awake. will be off kinda sorta not really that soon

(Sleep isn't fun.)

it is something you don't want

i wish for a dancing penguin.

You do but then you forget it.

I wish I could eat sausage. 

i eat it!


Too late, I've eaten all the bacon

Wishing to win the lottery

all the numbers where the same, but the last one which was a 2 instead of a 3.

i wish for sonic-

You get a garbage can with "sonic" written on it

I wish for a new iPhone


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