i you have not played this game before the rule's are easy just corrupt the person before you







                                     I wish i could have ticket's to go see red!

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He forever burns, but never dies. And then he comes after you, while on fire.

I wish for the horror movie genre to not exist anymore.

(Good heavens, how could I have the heartlessness to ruin that wish :) K, but rock music gets deleted from existence too.

I wish for a... singing dragon.

It exists, but it's singing is horrible and it will burn anyone who even thinks it is so.

I wish for a tasty burger.

You get a tasty burger, but it's only tasty in the sense that it's the burger's name brand. It actually tastes nothing like a burger

I wish that I could finally get my braces off so I can floss normally again :'I

You get them out, but figure out that flossing them secretly really messes with your teeth and you need to get new ones.

I wish for the ability to come up with a wish for this thread.

Ok, but then someone corrupts it (MWAHHAHA)

I wish for the glow button on my watch to work

It works, but every time the button is activated, Cheetos blink out of existence.

I wish for my hair to stop shedding so much.

Your hair stops shedding so much, but it also starts growing 10x faster all over your whole body

I wish I had the ability to teleport to anywhere in the world

You gain the ability, but you can't do it very frequently and you have no control over where you go. You end up being trapped in a prison for over a year.

I wish I had a nice taco.

OK, but you also have to eat rancid sardines.

I wish the original cast of Studio C were still there.

The original cast returns from JK Studios, but they had to release all of their comedic talent in order to return.

I wish video game characters could be real.

(Ohohoh that's really devious)

K, but then they turn evil.

I wish I could fly. 


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