i you have not played this game before the rule's are easy just corrupt the person before you







                                     I wish i could have ticket's to go see red!

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You get one, but it's of Hannah Montana


I wish for less house work


You get 23 hours and 59 minutes of housework per day.

I wish for $2,000 dollars.

granted but the cash catch's on fire


     i wish i had red's new cd

You get it...the case that is


I wish for a sleep number bed

you get it, but it catches fire >:)

I wish for $0.01.


You only get a quarter of a cent.

I wish for something really cool.

You get a $10,000 Dollar Gift Card. 

I wish for a $50 iTunes Gift Card. :)

You get it but the little number on the back doesn't register.


I wish I could eat as many sweets as I want without getting sick.

You do, but you get so hyper you die.

I wish I had a little piece of yarn.

you get a ball of yarn that comes alive and eats your toenail. 


I wish for a ball of yarn.

It can have the toenail as soon as it comes off. XD

You get a teensy eensy bit of yarn.

I wish I had a candy corn.

The corn and candy get terribly stuck in your teeth...forcing you to get a root canal.


I wish for a not as dead Christmas tree


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