i you have not played this game before the rule's are easy just corrupt the person before you







                                     I wish i could have ticket's to go see red!

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You know the perfect greetings for everyone... in the wrong language.

I wish that the Philadelphia 76ers players weren't like... half gone with injury and COVID crap.

Ok... but then they change their colors to the most horrible on Earth.

I wish to remember everyone's names.

You remember everyone's names but suddenly forget their ages. And every time you try and remember an age, you come up with an age that is horribly wrong.

I wish for more puppies. Just in general.

General Puppies, reporting for duty!

I wish for golden doorknobs.

(heck that sounds amazing)
All doorknobs are now solid gold. Completely. There's no mechanisms inside, they're completely non functional. but they look incredible.

I wish for tastier sodas.

The taste is unparalleled, but it kills you if you so much as look at it.

I wish for the website to go back to having a black background. 

It's a black background again, but all the text stays black so it's completely illegible.

I wish for more people to be on here again.

Ok, there are so many people that the site's servers are constantly down.

I wish to be able to control volume with my mind.

You control volume with your mind, but every time you mentally increase it the speed of what you're listening to speeds up, and slows down when you decrease it.

I wish for Youtube to have pitch shifting options for it's videos.

Ok, they ask you if you want to pitch your shift button before every video.

I wish to understand the ways of tech.

You understand tech at the cost of losing your knowledge of everything else.

I wish for easy to move snow.

Yes... and it is yellow.

I wish for the ability to never lose anything.


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