Simple game, just hit ctrl + v to paste whatever you last copied.



I'll start: *Control V!!!*

Flying through Endor, On a pair of speeder bikes, Through the trees we go, shooting all the way, I think I just hit one, Oh,No look there's 2 more someone call in more support, we're all in big trou-ble.

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Name: Yavu

Breed: lion

Age: about 3 1/2

Parents: Tanu'e (father) and Imani (mother)

Siblings: only 1 brother, named Tapiwa

Eye color: gray

Voice: Unk (

Mate: Korina

Likes: Korina, his pride, hunting or fighting

Dislikes: being questioned by any lower-ranking members, being defied, Tapiwa

Personality: He is inexorable, dogmatic, and petulant. He looks strong and composed but inside he is nervous and dubious, and is apprehensive about his position in the pride. Though he makes the pride's decisions, he doubts himself as being a good leader; he does not show this side of his personality. When it comes to anger, he is unpredictable; if someone angers him, there's no telling how angry he'll get. Therefore, it is very wise to stay on his good side, as some pride members have learned the hard way. He is also a playa, competitive and gregarious by nature.

History: He was born to two leaders. From the moment he was born, his parents could tell he was destined to be a leader. He was larger than his only sibling Tapiwa, and also was the roughest in play. Months passed, and Yavu was already proving himself as future leader. He was stronger than Tapiwa, who didn't look up to him; he was jealous that Yavu was better than him at everything. As they grew older, there were a few wars with rival prides, and he, his parents, and Tapiwa fought in them. The parents were killed in the second war. They fought as best as they could, but the other lions simply overpowered them. Yavu and Tapiwa retreated when hope ran out and the fight was over, returning with the surviving pack members to their territory. Since Yavu's parents were the pack's leaders, and that Tapiwa simply wasn't leader material, he stepped up as leader in his parents' honor. He was reluctant at first, but that feeling faded quickly. Now the pride looked to him to make decisions and other important matters of pride business. When his parents were leading, they were somewhat lax with the pride rules. Now that Yavu was in charge, things were going to be a lot more stringent. After his new rules were in place, he was not the most well-liked member of the pride, but having him as leader was better then having no leaders. But they looked up to him regardless. Except for his brother Tapiwa. He kept trying to attack and overthrow Yavu any chance he got. Yavu gave him warnings several times, but the day Tapiwa tried to attack him was his last day in the pride. Yavu banished Tapiwa from the pack, and sent him away never to return, threatening to kill him next time he showed up in their territory. Pride life continued as normal, and Tapiwa never showed again.

Relation to TLK: Nala's sister in his pride

What countries represent the largest global business opportunities for the next decade? What factors determine the size of the opportunity? 
Explain the meaning of “ strong” currency and “weak” currency. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
Outline the potential pros and cons of the 3 key strategies for developing foreign markets: exporting, licensing and franchising, and direct investment.
What  are the key elements of sociocultural barriers to trade? How can companies overcome these barriers?
 How has NAFTA impacted the United States? Overall, do you believe that it was a positive move for the U.S.? Why or why not?
Over  the past decade, the free trade movement has come under increasing fire as markets have opened and barriers to trade have fallen. Review the arguments for and against free trade, considering the perspective of both more developed and less developed countries. On balance, do you believe that the benefits of free trade outweigh the drawbacks? Why or why not?
essence , pl essences ( or essence ) { Swahili : kiini, pl viini }
The Stranger Series
A great legend surrounds the flag of Texas. The lone star represents the mark for a large map. Years ago, The Doctor buried a valuable Gallefreyan treasure in the Texas dessert shortly before his homeworld was destroyed. To mark where he had burried it, he influenced time so Texas would be known as the Lone Star state and have the star on its flag. Now, The Doctor knows where his treasure is. Some say that this treasure is what keeps the Doctor from dying. Some say it is a spark that could rebuild his home planet. Who knows. Only time will tell what this treasure is and when the Doctor will come back to retrieve it.
can has cheezburger

Vão ter de aguentar a vossa curiosidade até 21 de Fevereiro! Só lhes digo isto, preparem tintas, cartolina, fios e mais algumas coisas para decorares. :lol:


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