This is where we (the mods) will tell you guys which groups have been denied, and why.  It's a lot easier then messaging everyone, and it helps prevent duplicates in the future. If you do submit a duplicate, it will be deleted and not be put up here because you should have checked.




The Myst group is being denied because it isn't really a large enough subject for a group.  A thread in the Entertainment forum would work just as well.


The RAHKSHI group is being denied because it appears to have no subject.


The Bionicle group is being denied because Bionicles are pretty much legos, so a thread in the Lego Fans group would work.


Cute and Funny Pets is being denied because there is already a thread for Pets in the Open Forum.


The Tobymac groups (there are a couple) are being denied because Toby isn't that wide of a subject, a thread would work better.


The Music groups (there are a couple of those to) are being denied because there are so many threads already on the subject.  If you guys wanna ditch all the threads and just have the group, we could probably do that.


The Gun Club is being denied because a thread would work just as good.


The Lego Universe group is being denied because there is already a Lego Fans group.



I don't know about you guys, but I'm seeing a pattern here.  Most of these groups are being denied because they would work just as good as threads.  Like we said in the Groups announcement in this forum, a group is for something that is larger then a thread.  Larger then five threads, because you can make threads inside of them besides just commenting.


Anyway, just make sure you come here and check the already denied groups before you make one so as to avoid duplicates.  And check the threads to.  There is a search bar in the upper right corner for a reason.

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Okey dokey. But why did we start the Groups when we have forums?

...Don't ask me.

Or me, that's the Miller's deal. I could guess that it's because they don't want the threads to become overwhelming. It could also have just come as an option when they got the website, just Like Yahoo has it.


The Pixar group is being denied because there is already a thread by pretty much the exact same name in the Entertainment forum.

The christian music group is being denied because of the same reason all the other ones were.

People, please search before you try to make a group.

Here, I will put it in caps so no one will miss it.


ALL MUSIC GROUPS WILL BE DENIED.  So please, no more music groups.  Like I said, unless we get a bunch of people asking us to get rid of the threads and just move to a group, or if the Miller's decide that would be better, there will be NO music group.


The Movie Lovers group is being denied for the same reason, there are already a lot of threads on the subject.

Is there already a Group on music?
No, I just said there wasn't...
So... why are you denieing all music groups?
...Has everyone ignored all my posts on here?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Okay, So we've denied Calub Chesterson's idea of a little big Planet 1 and 2 group, because there are already many threads on video games, a group on them, and that is not a broad enough of a topic


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