This is where we (the mods) will tell you guys which groups have been denied, and why.  It's a lot easier then messaging everyone, and it helps prevent duplicates in the future. If you do submit a duplicate, it will be deleted and not be put up here because you should have checked.




The Myst group is being denied because it isn't really a large enough subject for a group.  A thread in the Entertainment forum would work just as well.


The RAHKSHI group is being denied because it appears to have no subject.


The Bionicle group is being denied because Bionicles are pretty much legos, so a thread in the Lego Fans group would work.


Cute and Funny Pets is being denied because there is already a thread for Pets in the Open Forum.


The Tobymac groups (there are a couple) are being denied because Toby isn't that wide of a subject, a thread would work better.


The Music groups (there are a couple of those to) are being denied because there are so many threads already on the subject.  If you guys wanna ditch all the threads and just have the group, we could probably do that.


The Gun Club is being denied because a thread would work just as good.


The Lego Universe group is being denied because there is already a Lego Fans group.



I don't know about you guys, but I'm seeing a pattern here.  Most of these groups are being denied because they would work just as good as threads.  Like we said in the Groups announcement in this forum, a group is for something that is larger then a thread.  Larger then five threads, because you can make threads inside of them besides just commenting.


Anyway, just make sure you come here and check the already denied groups before you make one so as to avoid duplicates.  And check the threads to.  There is a search bar in the upper right corner for a reason.

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Joe satriani was denied, because very few people probably know who he is except for maybe three or four friends on here, it would be like me putting up Sarah Brightman lovers:D:/


Babysitters because it was not broad enough


swimming because we have a sports group


show some love because it would work better as a thread and we already have two make the world a better place groups


Simpsons, because I'm sure many people on here aren't allowed to watch it anyways and we are going with genres


Batmaniacs same reason


Marvel heroes again


+edit+ Shemales denied because that isn't a joke and the only people who are like that are not going to have their own group. On top of that, the person who submitted it was either male or female and you can't make a group if you don't fit in that category.


Accents because it did not qualify, not broad enough


Pastor kids, same reason


Abortion, we have plenty of other places for that.


Your name, we've already been through numerous threads, groups, and it is against the guidlines Chris put up


First off, I would like to say to those of you out there sending in a group every three days or more (we know which ones do and don't do this) RE-READ THE GUIDLINES FOR GROUPS! You make our job incredibly difficult when we are forced to sift through groups that were submitted without thought.


If you have submitted a group that has not shown up in the groups section yet we have deleted them all on 10/4. None of them qualified as a group, every one of them were already existing groups, threads, or were too exclusive. Any that don't have names or descriptions that make sense are deleted as well because...they didn't make sense and we are very careful at not putting things up on the sight that could be vaguely bad...this is nothing personal towards anyone, Just PLEASE read the qualifications. If you do that, I'm sure you will have more of your groups approved.


here are the names of the groups


a beautiful mind- this seemed too exclusive
Time travel kids ???
Name game- Open forum if at all
Fallen angels -Dont' know what this is
Life changing stories-prayer group
Veggie fans-genre thing
Calvin and hobbes-again, PLEASE read the guidlines

whoeveer loves the all blacks-unclear

come here if you love dubstep-again unclear

Gir group- Unclear


Updated- What do you think the announcements are for?


Thank you Millers- already mulltiple threads


Dancers-can't go too far with it and have a performers one already


Movie makers- Not broad enough and seems exclusive.


Maddi Jane, not clear who in the world this is, and unfortunately we can't allow all muscians, I prefer them in threads personally, put this one there.

Authors No, we have the bookshop for this

Time, both, No, Same reason

Christian group, too late for music genres unfortunately, bc/ we already have specific singers:/

Adventures in Odyssey is already a thread, so check next time or don't submit both

X Factor; Not broad enough. And it could be a thread in multiple groups.


Warriors of Tommorrow; Not broad enough


MAKER; Not broad enough, and this would die REALLY fast.


Edgewood Bible Church; Even though the Miller's go to this church, joining this would automatically tell people where you live, and it's not broad enough


Traveling; Not broad enough. Could be thread.


Team awesome: Couldn't even be a thread

Srry it took so long guys. We're working on the last few people have sent in, but here so far:


PIPA and Sopa was denied, as it is not applicable for a kids site, this is a site for having a fun, safe Christian envirment. E-mail the president if you have an issue like this


Paintball, thread in sports group


Extreme sports, ^


Daft Punk, no


Root beer lovers, could this honestly hold more than one thread and actually live WHILE staying on topic?


Computer Geeks, can go in technology Group


Red heads, no, won't last, and would lead ot "Blue eyes, brown hair, etc.


Group that wishes Codebearers were real, everyone on this site should wan t that, but not broad enough


Apple, Technolgy

James Bond (As tempting as it is... =P) Not broad enough.


Wooden Weapons; This can go in the Weapons group.


Horse; We don't (for the most part) approve of groups of websites.




The Watchers; The same as the group CBers Unite


The Thunderbird Riders; Same


Blue Team/ Red Team; Come on, really? You already have 2 different threads about this.


Martial Arts; One of the better ones of the group, but no.


Harry Potter; Some Christians think that the witchcraft is not okay in these books, so no.


Nine Lashes; Not a popular band-- wouldn't last. 

Ted Dekker; We already got a thread.

Extra sensitive peoples, No, everyone should be nice on here.

Thunder birds, thread

Thea Mina's Books, no because we have the bookshop for a reason, put all the books you want in there.

Comic con, we have a video games group, where IT can be a thread.

All the rest were repeats.

The following groups were not approved:
Ten Year Olds Only(Not really a fair club)
Directors, Actors, and Producers(Would work better as a thread in Entertainment)
Genius Club(Not really a fair club.)
Club Penguin(Would work better as a thread in Entertainment)
WWE Fans(Would work better as a thread in Entertainment)

We thank you for your ideas for these groups, but we ask that you think about making an idea a thread before thinking of making it a group. Groups are more for a broad topic, like Girls Only or People from the old site. We're sorry that these groups did not pass the test. We do look forward to seeing more of your group ideas.

Thank you,


Hey Codebearers!

We mods loked through the groups. Unfortunaty many didn't make the cut. We really are sorry about this. We would LOVE to approve all groups we get, but there are some that could either be better as a (pre-existing)thread or are already a group. Here are the latest:

Walk of the Earth(Little known group. Better as a thread in Entertainment)
Apple(Already have technology groups. Would be better as a thread in Entertainment or Open Forum)
Pokemon lovers!!!(Better as a thread in Entertainment)
Scooby-doo(Better as a thread in Entertainment)
Mer Lovers(Better as a thread in either Entertainment or Open Forum)
Kidsboro RPG(Already an rpg)
127 Hours(Better as a thread in The Bookshop)


<3I Bladebearer IE>

To Save the World: Better as a thread in Open Forum
Hunter Hayes: Better as a thread in Entertainment(Sorry, but he's not a big enough star for a group)
Linux OS: Better as a thread somewhere else(Sorry, bro, but Linux is NOT big enough for it's own group)




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