Destroyer of Cypher's ego and More Awesome than TDOW

Hello all. You know me as Sabrina.

Now I have a real account. For all who don't know me already here are a few things about me.

I like pizza. I like to think I'm deadly and intimidating. I love books. Don't ask which book is my favorite unless you specify which series. TDOW, Cypher, Bladebearer, and TTUG are my older siblings. I like My Little Pony. Dj  pony is the coolest. I like Vanguard. My favorite color is purple. And I think we should restart the RPG Guardians United. If you also think we should restart the  Guardians United RPG then please say so below. If at least five people want to beside me I'll talk to blade. And go to the old RPG Guardians United and look at the how to create a bio for that specific RPG.  oh and you should post your bio here too.

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Oops, it suppose to say Cypher's ego

Sorry it's not related to Rise Of The Guardians, but Guardians United is just as cool in my opinion

copy cat

I'm at least new

applying water to burn area

Sorry little sis but you can't be more AWESOME than me cause as my song goes"I'm AWESOME!!! Take caition!!! Look out for me I'm AWESOME as I want to be!!!" And yours and cypher's only hope is to be 20% cooler. 

And destroying Cypher that's fine with me, it'll save me time. Go get him!!

That's what you think.

No, it's not what I think. It's what I know!

Psychic ninja here

come on sis don't go all ninja on everyone yet

Ok. Maybe I was think it, but what I think about isn't as bad as what Cypher thinks about.

Fine. I just wait and use on sonic fan and reform him to my side


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