The nearest movie theatre to my house is hosting a haunted house, one of the room is called the 666. When i saw that i was scared. Satin likes to use anything to make us believe its o.k. "its only for fun, right?" WRONG!!!!

What do you guys think?

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Totally right! BlackWidow?
Sorry, what's the significance of 666?
I believe it is the number of the Devil or something similar to that.
It's the number of the anti chist. In the Bible in the end days people are going to have to get a number tatood onto them in order to by stuff. Many stores will only except those. The anti christ (ultimate bad guy)'s number will be 666 it clearly says that in Revelation.

i had a dream about that when i lived in Africa, before i know anything about the bible. it was just like the bible said, and it felt so real.

Yup, 666 is Satins number.
I agree with you. I'm confused.
I like that explanation, C-Rae. XD
No idea what 666 has to do with satan but ok. But have you been tricker treating and saw a scream? One kid when I was in 2nd grade brought one to school and if you pumped a pumper fake blood went on it. It was creepy. My church is doing a Halloween carnival. Well not exactly Halloween but it sort of is like a trunk o' treat.
look at my comment above. It explains 666

the 666 happens during the 7 yrs of tribulation. That is when a man comes to earth claiming to be Jesus. you will have to choose whether you are going to follow Jesus,

or follow the anti christ. if you choose the anti christ you will have the 666 branded on your forehead. if you decide to follow Jesus then you will be persecuted.    that same place has another haunting room called "hells gate"

i definitely won't be going there.


the Bible talks all about this in:1 Thessalonians 14:4,4:16-17;2 Thessalonians 2:3-4;Revelation 1:9, 11, 8:1-13, 9:18, 13:16, and 20:4.

              oh and if you own a "Good and Evil" Bible(by michael pearl) it explains it really well on page 311


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