Seen it?  Read it?  Liked it?  Old stuff, new stuff? 


I've seen all the new seasons except for half of the fifth one.  Seen a bunch of the older stuff to, mostly of when Tom Baker was the Doc.  Tom is the best or one of the best Doctors, and I like Leela as his companion.  K-9 is awesome too.  And Mickey the Idiot.


Edit:  Since some of the Doc Who fans on this here site don't get the episodes as they come out each Saturday and have to wait for Netflix or whatnot, please, NO SPOILERS!

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never seen it....but thay have alot of doctor who stuff on think geek
I've seen it. doctor #10 was the best! thought it was bittersweet that Rose and the Meta-Doctor get to be together forever,
I agree. David Tennant was the best!

here's something to chew on:

yeah, he's been following this like a hawk!

The Andipose are aliens made of pure fat.

Hmmm what does it do?
nothing, it's a squish y stress reliever.
Those guys are cute.  I loved that episode.
I've never seen any of Doctor Who, but I'm interested in learning more about it.
looks cool but i need to know one there a place to start or can you just jump into the show?


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