Seen it?  Read it?  Liked it?  Old stuff, new stuff? 


I've seen all the new seasons except for half of the fifth one.  Seen a bunch of the older stuff to, mostly of when Tom Baker was the Doc.  Tom is the best or one of the best Doctors, and I like Leela as his companion.  K-9 is awesome too.  And Mickey the Idiot.


Edit:  Since some of the Doc Who fans on this here site don't get the episodes as they come out each Saturday and have to wait for Netflix or whatnot, please, NO SPOILERS!

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Worlds In Time

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time - Play

I'm a level 4 Silurian with a Magno-Screwdriver

I'm looking for more of the older Doctor Who to watch. Does anyone have any suggestions? In particular I'd like to see something with Sarah Jane Smith.

No, you wouldn't.  Sarah Jane Smith has got to be the worst old companion ever...

Well, then, do you have any suggestions? Would you like to recommend an episode with Leela?

Yes I would.  I like her.  The Horror on Fang Rock was okey dokey, and, uh....I can't remember any other titles. XD

Okay, thank you.

No, the worst would be Adric or Peri or possibly Turlough.

Okay then, one of the worst.   I just don't like her cause she was worse than useless.

*immerges from wood word* I'm ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i've been gone for a while!!!!!!! been busy with...stuff :) BUT I"M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well what do you expect with being hypnotized every other week?

Course in her last episode of her TV series, bad guys try to hypnotize her and epic fail. She built up an immunity at least. :: so not totally useless...besides she made a good cup of tea.  


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