The kingdom of Rhianon has enjoyed several generations of peace and prosperity under the wise kings and queens of the Manohara family. King Ceiro and Queen Caitriona had six children. Arzhell was the oldest and their only son. However, the lad was of a frail nature at 19, he succumbed to a terrible illness that swept through the capital city and even the palace. The disease took many lives, including the infant princess Levana. The twin princesses, 17 year old Aislinn and Lillith, were named the new co-heirs to the throne of Rhianon.

Misfortune was not finished with the Manohara family, however. Soon after the ceremony that officially declared Aislinn and Lillith heirs took place, a group called the Voirrey rebelled against the royal family, claiming their leader, Morrigan, was the true Queen of Rhianon. Morrigan claimed to be a descendant of the house of Alfhild, a line of wicked rulers who had been banished when Berwin, first king of the Manohara family, led his armies against them, freeing Rhianon of their tyranny. Now, Queen Morrigan is gathering many of the people to her with promises of fame, wealth, and power. 

In such turbulent times, Aislinn and Lillith struggle to find their own paths, while the world they knew is turned upside down...

Special thanks to:

nghome (aka SilverPhoenix) whose RPG, Aerien, began the creation of Aislinn. She also invented spellsingers and her stories have inspired many elements of my story and I encourage you to check out her books.

BladeAngel whose RPG, helped me develop Lillith's character and helped me decide to turn their backstory into a whole book.

Mina whose books have inspired many subtle elements of this book.

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A litttle present, since I missed Mina's birthday.

CH.4 P.2

As Lillith joined her sisters and parents in bidding the guests good night, Aislinn gave her a knowing smile and extracted a promise from her to explain everything later that night. When the last guest had departed, the four princesses bade their parents goodnight, then trudged off to their bedrooms

After changing into their nightgowns, the two eldest princesses met in the large walk-in-closet that joined their two rooms and Lillith briefly described the night’s events after her performance, leaving out the incident in which Drystan discovered her secret.

“So.. do you like him?” Aislinn asked as soon as Lillith had finished her narrative.

“I think he’s interesting, and I’ll admit, I do find him rather attractive, but I doubt there will ever be anything of that nature between us.” Lillith said dismissively.

“Why not?” Aislinn was clearly disappointed.

“I’d never met him, or even heard of him before the ball, therefore he cannot be from a very important family.” Lillith explained.

“So?” Aislinn struggled to follow her sister’s line of thought.

“So, at least one of us should marry for the benefit of the kingdom, not on some silly emotional basis.” Despite her words, Lillith’s tone was not unkind.

“That is so terribly dull and dismal.” Aislinn sighed. “Why are you always so serious?”

“Why don’t you ever think practically?” Lillith countered.

The two princesses stared at each other in silence before breaking out into laughter. They sat up for another hour chatting about the ball, before finally heading to their separate bedrooms.

As the princesses were sinking into their feather mattresses, Drystan was handing the reigns of his borrowed horse to a stable boy and sprinting to his mother’s private laboratory on the highest floor of the tallest tower in the fortress. He stopped at the door and knocked softly.

“Who is it?” Morrigan’s voice rang sharply from the other side of the door.

“Drystan, m’Lady.” The young man replied deferentially.

Morrigan opened the door eagerly, the ancient book she had been examining, all but forgotten. Morrigan closed the volume with a dull snap as her son entered.

“Tell me, Drystan, what have you learned this night?” She asked impatiently.

“Much that I believe will be of great use to us.” Drystan replied with a wolfish smile.

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tanky! ^^ What a great present! 

I love how well you write! Adding in so many awesome words! X3 It's just great!

I hate using the same words too often. That's why is one of my best friends while writing.

Yay!! I love this story so much! I'm excited to see where it goes!! 

Arigatou godsaimasu. The next scene is giving me some trouble (I've already re-written it twice.) but we're getting close to some exciting stuff.

YAY! Write write write! X3


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