Ok, here are the rules for this game:


1) One person posts a DYKT fact.

2) The second person either says "yes" or "no" according to whether they have heard it or not.

3) Example: jackthecat: DYKT Obama is the president? Marcee: Yes. DYKT fries are made of potatoes?


Got it? Ok, start!! (and have fun while you're at it)

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I will start...


DYKT Subway has the most restraunts worldwide?



DYKT cheeseburgers do, in fact, contain cheese?

Duh, yea.


DYKT Hamburgers do not have ham?



DYKT Sherlock Holmes is fictional?

No. I still believe he's real, as a matter of fact.


DYKT red dye is in red candies, and when fruit flies eat the red dye, as soon as they touch sunlight they explode????!!!!???? My mom read this in a health book. *nods*

I did not know that.  It is veery eenteresting.


DYKT when things are placed in the sunlight, they get hotter?

Yes, I knew that.


DYKT an unborn baby's heart starts beating by 3 weeks?

I did not.


DYKT I like stating obvious facts?

Yes, in fact.


DYKT Luke Skywalker is not real?

*GASP* NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DYKT as soon as you read this you are going to reply to it?



DYKT Angry Birds is FREE for a limited time?



DYKT cheese sticks actually have some cheese in them?


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